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Note:  Barbara Hambly’s Reading & QandA will be on Sunday at 11am in Suite 215!

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Sarah Schambach

Costuming Guest

Sarah (Lunar Rose Costuming & Cosplay) is an award-winning costume maker and blogger from Atlanta, GA. She has been making costumes since diving in head first with a full Tudor court gown at the age of 16. With a particular interest in Tolkien, Star Trek, book-inspired costuming, and a lifelong love of historical costuming, she has created a strong portfolio of both screen accurate and original designs. She has a passion for skilled craftsmanship, and her works often feature heavily detailed elements such as hand-embroidery and beading, custom-dyed fabrics, scale maille, and handmade patterns. Her work has won several major awards, including DragonCon's coveted title of "The Chosen", and has been featured in Cosplay Culture Magazine.