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Dr. Tedd Roberts

Science Guest

Dr. Tedd Roberts (aka Speaker to Lab Animals) claims he was born to wonderful parents, grew up in Texas, attended university then went on to grad school. He is a Professor at a medical school where his research focuses on the drug and radiation effects on hippocampus and memory.  He is also leads a team that is testing the first neural prosthetic device for memory restoration. 

It has long been suspected that Dr. Tedd was genetically created in a growth vat and raised by hyper-intelligent rats to study and understand the human brain with an eye towards world domination.  Since Dr. Tedd is also known for his research on the brain, he has also been suspected to be one of the most likely causes of any future zombie apocalypse ... whether it would be because of a lab "accident" or because his curiosity on its effectiveness is still hotly debated.  In either (or both) cases it is suspected that Dr. Tedd will provide expert commentary.

Dr. Tedd is known for his eagerness to educate others: hosting educational Scotch tastings at conventions, consulting for numerous authors on matters pharmaceutical, biological, and neurological; and writing nonfiction essays (found at WWW.BAEN.COM - Free Library, Nonfiction 2012- 2016) on matters of science in science fiction. Dr. Tedd also educates through convention appearances, his previously mentioned essays and blog. Among all of these endeavors he has also mentored numerous young minds through his involvement with the Boy Scouts of America and by offering advice to up and coming researchers and grad students. He has recently started writing short fiction, YA novellas and SF novels. He is married, with raise two sons, competes in 5K races, studies and instructs Krav Maga & Pekiti Tiersia Kali, and plays trombone in a brass octet at his church.