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Theresa Perlmutter

Costuming Guest
Theresa Perlmutter started out as an artist. Painting and drawing were her prime passions in high school, and when a friend introduced her to her very first comic book, X-Men 97, she knew it was what she wanted to do.

In the late 80s and early 90s, she was introduced to costuming, however it wasn’t cosplay, but Renaissance Faire that got her into actually designing and sewing.

Still, she wondered how she could make the costumes that she saw and designed in her drawings, but never quite got a handle on how it could be done. Many of her renn fair friends made wondrous items out of leather and steel, but those materials were far too heavy for what she wanted to create.

At 47, she ventured into her first Cosplay. Most of it was bought or what she had on hand. A head piece for the Dragon Empress theme was her first attempt at creating horns out of paper mache.

The Welcome to the 105 panel at Wizard World in Raleigh is where she felt she had finally met a group of like-minded people, with their motto, 'Cosplayers helping Cosplayers.'

Technology had finally caught up with her vision, and with the insights and ideas of You-tubers and fellow engineers, she made her first serious Cosplay. Inspired by the Elric series, she constructed a set of Melnibonian Dragon armor, and entered into the NCCC cosplay contest a year after her first cosplay experience, and sat in on her first table setting at Cosplay America as an engineer helping others.

Refining her skill set over the last three years, she now has created cosplays using worbla, styrene, polymer clays, paper mache, latex and sewing. She has done panels that include detailing, and mold making. Expanding her photography to include fellow cosplayers and a roaming documentary style photography of conventions.

Now at 52 years old, Teresa is under the cosplay Facebook page of Bluewyrm Designs, is currently the Director of Conventions for the 105th Squad, and the winner of the 105th Engineer of the Year award for 2016.